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This is a community about Synesthesia (also spelled synaesthesia) for people sharing their impressions and imgages.
No matter what kind of synesthesia you have or if you are only interested, feel free to join and talk about your experience :)
Do you have colored letters, numbers, names, words, feelings, sounds, songs, smells, tastes; do you taste music or words; do you see sound; do you see colors when you touch something?
Maybe your favourite song tastes like milk or you dress depending on the color of the day, maybe you know a very green person...

I didn't want to make a community only for exchange of scientifc discoveries but a place where you can paint a picture of your imagination. I've always looked for a place where people could compare their colors and describe what they see when listening to a certain song :) And you can also just chat... the truth is I really just want a meetingplace for synaesthetes so I'm really not very much into strictly sticking to topic... just have fun I'd say :) Please don't feel like you have to have something big to say... just post something syn you just experienced today if you like... I will also start an offtopic I guess :)

So TATAAA here it is ...

So, feel free to write, read, design, rhime, compare, recommend and describe whatever is on your mind :)


Please treat each other respectfull, any comment or post containing insults of any kind will be deleated.
If you continue breaking the rules you will of course be kicked out some day...
In case you write about a book (of not scientific kind) please put spoilers in a cut
Also please put a cut in any other incredibly long posts :D
If you post any icons, make clear whether people can take them.
If you take some, please credit if asked to.

Thanks :D