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04 January 2007 @ 12:15 pm
My name is Lena, I'm 18 and I live in Vienna with my Mum who is also a Synaesthete.
I love nature, art, books, films, music, tea, weather, plants, biology, languages, water, wind, cooking, buttermilk, strawberries, oranges, vinyl, flowers, my family, my friends, christmas, spring, winter, fall and summer, manga, anime, playing the guitar, herbs, drawing, staircases, photography, dreams, series, tapes, building stuff, playing the ocarina, mythology, lemons, raspberries, watermelons, mangos, lanterns, letters, cloudgazing, golden sun, nick hornby, the rolling stones, celtic music,  rock, indie, retro movies, comics, adventures, fantasy, jam, travelling, sunflowers, the sea, Harry Potter, J.R.R. Tolkien, shakespeare, monty python, the moon, cultures, japan, animals, writing, stories, legends, laughing, folklore, poetry, fairytales, fantasy games, letterfriendship and lots of things else... :D

I'm in my first semester in university, studying zoology and anglistics but I'm really lazy at the moment I'm afraid :/

I love my syn and really can not imagine living without it :)
I love to see and feel when I hear sound and I love they way some songs look and I love that I'm good at memorizing stuff, I love comparing colored names with my family and I quite like the way people look when trying to understand what I mean by "2006 had a much nicer color" :P
I really don't find any negatives about it, I guess I will be q horrible person to picl out names with and also I never want to wear perfume because it's to intense colored in one direction, but I really don't miss it :)

I hope to find some other synaesthetes here so I will finally know people who understand what I mean :P
Feel free to friend me or add me on icq, msn, aim or skype :D
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04 January 2007 @ 04:40 am
Ok, I finally have decided to start a new community about Synesthesia :)
I know there are already some on livejournal but how much bad can come of this :)

Ever since I know that I have synesthesia I have wanted to meet other people like me and read about different kinds of syn and other people's experience with color, letters, sound, taste, smell, emotion and so on...
So this community isn't only about articles and research but also just about ecerything else :P
If you want to describe a song in colors or any experience, post icons, poems, articles, book recommendations, links, paintings, graphics or other stuff, just do :D

So ok, about me...
I have mostly grapheme synesthesia so I have colors for lots of things like letters, words, names, numbers, feelings, touch, sound, music, smells and tastes but these things also have different feelings and consistence and music makes me see situations and places and is running along a moving line (does that make sense?)
Most women in my family have some form of synesthesia, also my grandfather had it, we all didn't know until I learned about it in school few years ago... well I thought that's normal and I'm just really bad at making people understand me properly... :P
I have always felt that this helps my creativity a lot and people who know about this have really gotten used to it really good.
My boyfriend used to help me study for geography by asking me countries and capitals like "You remember, the green one with the pink capital... what was that?"
Also it helps a lot because I have started writing down all my pincodes in colored dots on my calender so I can look them up anytime but nobody else can...

Right know I read this book "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov and just today I read that he also had grapheme :D
One more guy in my list of famous people with grapheme :D

Also I have listened to this song by Coldplay which I think most people know... Clocks... and I found that the intro is like the northern lights... so beautiful :D

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