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21 January 2007 @ 01:18 am
Hello Everyone!  
New here, just thought I'd pop in and say, "Hello."


I've only just recently discovered that that odd thing I do has a scientific name. Once I found out, I searched and came across you all!

I'm a color graephemic myself. And I associate colors with people, too. An artist friend of mine was so upset that she didn't have this, she insisted I give her a sampling of what I see when I see letters and numbers. And, as I'm sure you all understand, it's really hard to put into paper. But, I tried, and this is the best I could do: Letters and Numbers. The colors are a little off, but that's as best as I could do with my craptastic computer program.

I asked around the family too. Only after the fifth attempt at my having to explain this to my sister did she say she has it [I'm inclined to not believe her]; her daughter, my niece has it---her letters are different colors; and my mother just thinks its because I was exposed to the Muppets as a child.

Also, I have a question: anyone around here view the months/years in a shape? Like when you think of "March" does it have a place in the listing of all the months? Do you see it from the same angle all the time? I have this, too. My months are in a box-like pattern that wraps around itself. And since we've passed 1999, I appear to be looking down at the years instead of up.

Lastly, I don't know if this fits into this or not, but I attribute gender to everything. My sister [from above] called me before she was due to give birth to the niece in question [before we knew she was a girl] and asked me which day worked better for me---the day BEFORE my graduation or the day AFTER it---she was being scheduled for a c-section. The dates were 6/4/98 and 6/6/98. I told her "Well, 6/6/98 seems very masculine; 6/4/98 is unisex to me." Niece's birthday is 6/4/98.

It's so nice to meet all you like-minded people. :D
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ysaana on May 17th, 2007 02:38 pm (UTC)
The year is round, but the months are in boxes. It's a bit off center, spring is longer than fall. The weeks go top down in the spring, bottom up in the fall, but it's all a mess where it goes sideways, like july/august and december/january, so I try to round the corners off as much as possible! How can a year be anything but rounded?